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Save Bright Future Scholarships - Updated 4/7

Senate Bill 86 was introduced in the Florida Legislature and passed the Senate Education Education Appropriations and the full Appropriations Committees. This proposed legislation breaks the promise the state made to its best and brightest students giving them a very uncertain future for their college education. 

This bill requires the scholarship award amounts to be determined annually by the state budget. THERE WILL NO LONGER BE 100% OR 75% TUITION AWARDS. (Instead of Bright Futures, the monies will likely be used to fund the massive voucher program found in SB 48 that is flying through the Senate.) The bill also makes changes to how funds are carried forward and cancels a provision to offer non-resident students the Benaquisto Scholarship.

If passed, this legislation provides no consistency for the annual award amount. This prevents students from being able to financially plan for college and leaves the amount to political interests.

UPDATE: SB 86 has moved to the floor for a full vote by the Senate. If it is approved, it will move to the House, where it needs to go through at least one committee before it can be voted on by the Representatives. The House could also amend Bright Futures into an existing bill, which would expedite it reaching a floor vote there. We will continue to update this page.

Bright Futures was created to keep Florida's best and brightest from leaving the state. This bill must be stopped for the economic future of Florida. 

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